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Salt Creek Fishing

There is great fishing on Shasta Lake! Shasta Lake is California’s largest constructed lake, with 365 miles of beautiful shoreline surrounded by  forest. The Department of Fish & Game plant 50,000 fish a year on average, providing anglers with many fish and lots of fun!

Adding to the native stock of Rainbow trout, California Fish and Game began stocking Shasta Lake with game fish to offer a wide variety of options. Trout: Rainbow, Brown, and Kamloops; Bass: Largemouth, Smallmouth, and Spotted; Catfish: Channel and Bullhead. The lake also has Sturgeon and land-locked King Salmon.

During the summer months, Shasta is the hottest bass fishing lake in the State. Anglers can practice an array of fishing strategies as they fish for Florida-hybrid Largemouth bass, Smallmouth bass, and Spotted bass.

To fish on Shasta Lake a license is required for all persons 16 years and older. Visit the California Department of Fish and Game to learn about requirements and fees.

For more information on fishing in Lake Shasta, visit these sites. They provide up-to-date fishing reports, fishing equpiment and how to find fishing guides in the area.

Salt Creek Resort Ski

Ski some of the finest water Northern California has to offer. Zip along the main branches and slip into quiet coves. Lake Shasta water is usually calm and warm, suitable for waterskiing, wake boarding and tubing at any location, but particularly in the Jones Valley and Sacramento Arm areas. Salt Creek Inlet and Elmore Bay Sacramento Arm are premium ski spots on the lake and are very close to the resort, giving you the opportunity to ski partially into the inlet before entering the no ski zone and quiet 5 mph cove that takes you under the train trestle and to the public launch area located across from our resort.. There are numerous boat launch ramps at Lake Shasta if you are hauling one to the lake. You can even launch right in front of the resort on the old highway that now acts as a public boat launch ramp. It’s very convenient. Most guests with boats tie them off shore and leave them there for the duration of their stay in the quiet 5 MPH zone.

Don’t have a boat? Not a problem as there are many places to rent a boat and ski equipment. You can find ski boats, patio boats, personal water craft, kayaks and more at various marinas around the lake.

Fun is as close as opening your cabin or RV door at Salt Creek Resort. You don’t have to leave the resort grounds to have fun as there are plenty of activities to be found on-site.


Cool off on a hot summer Lake Shasta day. Swimming in Salt Creek’s 55,000 gallon pool is an easy way to relax and have some quality time with the family. Our pool is not heated in the summer so it stays cool and refreshing, It is 3 ½ feet in the shallow end so small children can enjoy some water play. And it is 8 feet in the deep end so the older kid can enjoy as well. It is also newly fenced for everyone’s safety. There are no developed swimming sites on the lake.  Swimming from shore in the 5 MPH cove is just as fun when the lake is up. The lakes water is warm during the summer but cool enough for a refreshing dip. 

Volleyball, Horseshoes, Tether-ball, Foosball and Ping Pong

At Salt Creek Resort, we have a nice lawn area with a volleyball court set up so you can play while you stay. Tether-ball is located near the pool area and the horseshoe pit is next to the pool. You will find the Ping Pong and Foosball tables located inside just the pool area under an awning. Great family fun!

Game Room and BBQ Terrace

Our BBQ terrace is a great spot to gather for large get-togethers. On the patio, there is plenty of seating, a sink, and extra BBQs. The activity room includes shuffleboard, board games, HDTV, and has additional seating. For large group gatherings, we suggest contacting the resort to reserve the Terrace. (Activity Room is open to all guests.)

Hiking & Biking Trails at the resort

Walk out the back of the resort and discover a great trail that takes you over the mountain top and back down to Elmore Bay, a beautiful deep water cove. This trail is a two hour hike for an experienced hiking enthusiast. The views from this trail are as good as any you’ll see on the lake so be sure and bring your camera. This scenic trail is our little secret so enjoy the peace of the mountains and lake without the crowds.

Salt Creek Resort Hiking

Many of the trails at Shasta Lake follow the lake shoreline. They offer plenty of opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, running, fishing, sightseeing and wildlife viewing. Many of the trails at Shasta Lake follow the lake shoreline. Three of these shoreline trails, Bailey Cove, Packers Bay, and Clikapudi, make loops and return to their point of origin via a different route. Bailey Cove is the shortest of these trails and also the easiest.

Clikapudi Trail is the most extensively developed trail at the lake and requires about two hours to walk. It is also very popular with mountain bikers, equestrians and trail runners.

The trail at Dry Fork was developed to assist fishermen get into the good fishing areas near Shasta Dam. At Hirz Bay, a trail connects the Hirz Bay and Dekkas Rock campgrounds. This is an easy trail and especially pleasant in the summer during warm evenings or cool morning hours.

Two trails lead away from the lake. The Sugarloaf trail follows a shaded, heavily wooded creek into the surrounding mountains. The Samwel Cave Nature Trail climbs through limestone rock formations to the mouth of this interesting and historically significant cave.

Summertime temperatures at Shasta Lake are generally not suited for extensive hiking except near the lakeshore. Visit these sites to learn more about specific trails and hiking conditions in the area.

Salt Creek Resort Biking

Shasta-Trinity National Forest is a bicycling and mountain biking paradise. Trails in this area offer scenic views at the Shasta Dam, Jones Valley, Hirz Bay, Bailey Cove, and Packers Bay. Bikers can also access oak woodlands and creeks, as well as shoreline fishing areas. The Clikapudi Trail, located at Shasta Lake, with its new advanced mountain biking loop is a popular hot spot. The trail climbs and descends through a forest of mixed conifer and black oak scattered with small meadows. Fishermen use the trail to access their favorite fishing spots below the trail along the Pit Arm of the lake.

Four areas of particular interest to mountain bikers are the Bowerman Ridge area near Trinity Lake, the Indian Valley-Butter Creek area near Hayfork, the Weaver Basin Trail System near Weaverville and the Clikapudi Trail located in the Jones Valley area at Shasta Lake.  Many of the forest’s best mountain biking routes are on roads and trails that are steep, rough and un-maintained.  Always wear your helmet and gloves and ride with a buddy.  Carry basic tools – wrenches, screwdriver, chain breaker, pump, patch kit and spare tube.